I help you connect the dots and create a firestorm in your life.

If you were to peek at my calendar, you would see that my day-to-day work consists of managing and directing Team Dr. T, consulting and collaborating with physicians, doing Skype check-ins with premium coaching clients, and being a resource for journalists and editors at several publications.

In my work of guiding others through their personal transformations, I bring the necessary energy, provocation, and – yes, comic relief – to our conversation, so that it feels more like flow rather than formality.

When I’m not working with my clients, I also spend the majority of my time developing new courses, digital products, and other self-guided content for individuals, couples, groups, and families, equipping them with the internal resources to lead life through intuition and intention.

These curriculums that I create blend a sense of how everything is connected with an understanding of how you can build an intimate relationship with the individual self — the part of you that is separate from the thinking mind, but connected to everything.

I also spend my time traveling and speaking to organizations, conferences, and events, sharing my experiences in neurological testing, clinical management, and training colleagues in my field to become Team Dr. Tracy certified coaches.

My educational and clinical research background includes a Ph.D. in Psychology, a Master of Arts in Organizational Development, and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, with over 20 years of experience serving clients, training coaches, and developing custom programs.


Dr. Tracy is a truly gifted practitioner. She is insightful, kind and thoughtful in her delivery. She was a huge help to me and I feel lucky that I was able to have her as my therapist.”
- Julian, Professional Athlete


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