Imagine a formula for being
‒ attractiveness, wealth, work, wellness, love & life ‒
that you can efficiently apply to your choices, your actions... your everything.

This time it’s different.

This time you’ll finally make the leap.
You’ll leave toxicity behind.
It's time to turn the page and begin writing a new chapter.

You’ll start chasing what feels good, rather than struggling to swallow the pressures of “could” and “should”. You’ll work through self-defeat and learn to jump life’s hurdles like a champion. Along the way, you’ll learn to become your greatest cheering section. You’ll find renewal, refreshment, and rebirth in your life experiences. You’ll uncover energy, presence, and courage in the story that’s still unwritten.

Yes, this time is different.

Because this work is different than anything else you’ve ever experienced in the hot pursuit of self-discovery.

We help you bridge the gap between striving and struggling, so that you may thrive in your truest transformation – not in the transformation you’ve been told should happen by your friends or the media.


We use your unique architecture – the codes and keys that make up your emotional, biological, and cognitive self – to show you how to connect to an infinite feedback loop that encourages accountability, follow-up, and follow-through.

When you work with Dr. Tracy Inc, you’ll realize that it’s really ease that’s ready to meet you on the journey to transformation.

It’s obtainable, efficient, and natural. It follows a pace that feels human, rather than robotic. Real rather than forced. Authentic rather than radical.

When you’re open to doing this work with us, you’ll give yourself permission to think, feel, and process on your own terms – with a very real set of skills and tools that will feel like a breath of fresh air.

Because nothing is better than filling your lungs, your mind, and your spirit
with the kind of presence that transforms.

Are you ready to commit to different this time?

Learn more about how Team Dr. T uses your personal makeup — brain and body — to prepare your customized wellness program.



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