Attention Deficit Program

Illuminating who we are designed to be is missionary for us here at Dr. Tracy Inc.

If you understand how your mind and body works together while identifying and learning to listen to your internal cues, everything is possible.

ADD/ADHD is a cognitive condition that is both over-diagnosed and under managed. Here at Dr. Tracy Inc, we are passionate about helping everybody reach their highest potential—that’s why we created a one of a kind ADD/ADHD program rooted in understanding your physiology and applying it to your lifestyle.

It all starts with proper and complete diagnosis.

This two phase program begins with a full neurological assessment from Dr. Patti Weiss on Team Dr. T centering around the T.O.V.A. 8 test—the only objective test for diagnosing ADD/ADHD. We measure your cognitive thresholds, strengths, and weaknesses across all major aspects of brain science. Read about the full battery of testing here.

Once a differential diagnosis is delivered, Team Dr. T reviews the results and identifies the optimal work and learning environments for you including: vocational accommodations, cognitive training programs, lifestyle changes, and behavior management that can remove obstacles and empower you to reach your fullest potential. Rooted in Dr. T’s approach we make sure that no matter what age you are – young or old – you get set up for success.

When you understand how brain and body coexist,
living more effortlessly becomes your natural rhythm.


“Dr. Tracy is REAL. A real person, a real confidante, and a real professional. She has the ability to be both intense and light, and knows when the situation calls for either. She will cry for you, burst out in laughter with you, and most importantly, listen to you.”
- Rachel Benson MSW, Therapist


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