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Our philosophy here at Dr. Tracy Inc. is simple: use customized tools, research and diagnostics to create a more holistic, more accurate and effective experience from start to finish.

When you work with a Dr. T Team member, we work hard to gather as much information and insight as possible, putting it all together to understand your unique Architecture that paints a full picture: your background, our evaluation and assessment, the energy you project, your physical fitness and biochemistry (hormones, nutrient levels), neuropsychology (the way your brain is naturally wired), daily habits (sleep and stress levels), and anything else that is uniquely encoded in your sense of self.

Here’s the thing – no two clients are ever the same, no two treatment plans are ever alike, and no two sessions ever sound similar.

That’s the beauty of the work that we do together: each person we treat has a very unique set of requirements that must be met on a daily basis.

This might mean you need to tweak your sleep schedule to run at an optimized speed throughout your day, or you need to try upping the amount of Vitamin B you get your diet in order for your body and hormones to process things better.

For some, it might mean a combination of conversation and an openness to trying new outlets for fitness, and for others, it might mean coaching and hands-on support as you leave toxic situations – literal, physical, or otherwise – in your life behind.

We uncover how your brain and body work, building a foundation and blueprint for how to get better – one day, one month, one year at a time, until better becomes your natural rhythm.


“Dr. Tracy has helped me through some my biggest life challenges. Whether I needed a friend, a mentor, a professional, or just a laugh, she has gotten me through a lot.”
- Jessica, Strategic Sales Manager


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