Recovery Coaching

It’s time to liberate you from your addiction once and for all because we know what it takes to reach sobriety and maintain it. Are you ready for an independent life? 

When it comes to addiction, we know what’s needed to get you back on track and prevent future relapse. We’ve combined the expertise and experience of the Bay Area’s most respected addiction specialists with the Dr. T Approach to give you the most comprehensive support in your recovery.

Dr Tracy Inc has a wide range of services that can complement your existing treatment or supplement traditional rehabilitation therapy.

No matter where you are in your sobriety journey, we have the tools to help you get and/or stay sober. We love to partner with outpatient treatment centers and sober living facilities to add further accountability measures to keep you on track. We also create robust alternative programs for people looking to approach treatment a little differently.

If you’ve had a relapse or just haven’t gone to treatment yet, we will detox you safely with private, medically supervised detoxes. While you are detoxing, we’re busy creating your in-home treatment plan for lasting sobriety. We believe that getting and staying sober in your own life can be more effective than doing it isolated in a treatment center. Why? Because sometimes that transition can be tough and what you’ve learned while you were away in treatment might not be as easy to practice when you’re back in your normal environment.


With that said, we want you to know we do support a short list of our favorite treatment centers in the Bay Area. So if you believe traditional treatment is the right starting place for you, we can help with that difficult transition back into your day-to-day life as well as partner and collaborate with your existing outpatient team. We build in proprietary accountability measures—like our daily virtual breathalyzer check ins—that help people stay compliant in outpatient therapy or their own IRC Treatment program. Our only goal is to help you get sober in the best, most effective way for you.

We meet you where you are to provide these professional, premium, customized, and private addiction recovery services to adults, adolescents, and families in the Bay Area:

- Interventions
- Family Education & Coaching
- Emergency Detox Support
- Private Medically Supervised Detoxes
- Home Alcohol & Drug Sweeps & Disposal
- Outpatient Service Support & Compliance
- Treatment Recovery Plans & Consultations
- Safe Transport to Treatment
- Case and Medication Management
- Sober Companionship & Life on Location Services

Are you ready for a successful, sober, and independant life?


“Dr. Tracy is an exceptionally talented therapist who is warm, caring, curious, and fun. Her willingness to be open, authentic, and vulnerable allows a client to safely explore territory that has rarely, if ever, been seen and acknowledged. This can facilitate lasting healing to occur at a very deep level. I am very impressed with Tracy’s work and recommend her highly!”
- Adriana Popescu, Ph.D. Energy Psychologist


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