Life on Location Services

Everything in life is connected, but most people operate as if each part of their life exists in silos. You put work in a box, family in a box, fitness in a box and then pretend like they are all separate.

The truth is, nothing is separate and everything affects everything else in our lives. The Dr. Tracy Inc Approach teaches you how to lead your life in a way that these perceived silos disappear so that everything effortlessly flows into each other.

Because life is connected, we know that most of the transformational work happens during your day-to-day. And sometimes that can be overwhelming. That’s why we have Life on Location Services that puts Team Dr. T in the trenches with you. Who says you need to do all the dirty work by yourself?

Going through a mental or physical recovery process can be challenging—especially, when there are so many other things, big and small, that need be done. Whether it's organizing your home and your finances, building healthy habits, sticking to your fitness goals, or getting through an overwhelming to-do list, our Life On Location service is designed to help our Bay Area clients get their everyday lives back on track. We meet you where you need help.

This is the instruction manual no one ever GAVE you. Feeling & living the way you were meant to, by design!


“Dr. Tracy is a genius psychologist who is always looking at the big questions in life and finding the answers for all of us. She takes your high level thoughts and impressions and helps you bring them down to earth to understand them and to see a new perspective. She is constantly working on herself as well, so you feel as if you’re in this together. I admire and respect her continuous drive and motivation, but mostly appreciate the kindness and sense of humor that she brings to all of her relationships.”
- Charlotte, VP of Human Resources


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