Neuropsychological Testing

Whether you suspect or have been told you have a cognitive-processing issue ‒ ADD anyone? ‒ or you are looking to reach some new goals and want to understand what’s working for or against you, the neurological testing you get at Dr. Tracy Inc will help you understand yourself like never before.

It’s about capitalizing on your strengths and building a life that supports, minimizes, or eradicates your weaknesses.

You’ve probably heard of those “brain apps” out there that claim to measure your neurological capabilities, memory function, and personality type. But if those apps are the McDonald’s of brain mapping, our team provides the one of a kind of experience you’d expect at a five-star restaurant.

Why, you ask?

Our diagnostic testing is a fully customized battery of tests that give you a full snapshot for how your brain works. You’ll meet with Dr. Patricia Weiss, Ph.D., a neuropsychological pioneer who specializes in testing, analyzing, and diagnosing psychological disorders.

An all-star on Team Dr. T, she’ll guide you through a series of sessions to complete a range of diagnostic tests, that will determine your aptitude and assess your current patterns in:

- IQ score and percentile
- Cognitive Functioning
- Auditory Functioning
- Visual Perception
- Information Recall
- Memory Recall
- Conceptual Ability & Reasoning
- Literary fluency and recall
- Arithmetic fluency
- Logical reasoning and memory
- Personality Assessment
- Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD Inventories

Whether you are a Dr. Tracy Inc Coaching client or are just looking to understand some of the struggles you have been facing, we can test anyone and provide you with a comprehensive report of your cognitive capabilities that can be shared out with other health providers.


“Dr. Tracy is a tremendous wealth of knowledge and has insights into our behaviors that we cannot see for ourselves. She offers practical solutions to help you change your circumstances.”
- Joe, Film Industry


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