Transformation isn’t designed to be a single-player event. It takes a tribe and a trickle down process to feel fully supported all around.

Selfology is most powerful when it’s multiplied. That’s why I work one-on-one with coaches, psychologists, analysts, and business experts to train them in my methods of coaching and treating clients – so that this way of embracing the self touches more people than I can touch single-handedly.

Based on clinical case management, each one of my Team members receives hands-on guidance from me personally, so that they can serve you with a totally holistic and customized treatment plan.

From first meeting to one-on-one sessions, you’ll know that you’re receiving the best clinical and behavioral care that matches you with the right coach at the right time. Team Dr. T has diverse and broad skill sets that give you everything you need to go all-in on your transformation.

Brittany R
Integrative Health Coach
Carla B
Executive Coach
Charlie V
Health Recovery Coach
Dr. Patti Weiss
Neuropsychologist & Analyst
Frances D
Director of Finances
Kristen R
Behavioral Health Coach


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